Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Holiday Push-Back. I Now Understand.

As much as I enjoy holiday weekends, this one is actually getting to me in a negative way. No new comics until Thursday. I woke up this morning expecting to drop by my local comic shop to take part in Wednesday (new comic day) comradery, but quickly realized that in fact (due to Labor Day) no new books until tomorrow.

Now, why share this thought? What's the big deal? Well, I never really used to participate in the "Wednesday Crowd Ritual" because, to be honest, my comic shop at home sucks. College has brought many new opportunities though, and a main one for me is the now close proximity of a nice comic store. A comic store I like to step foot in and offers more than just a quiet, head down shopping experience. I finally have one of those cool stores, filled with people in my age range who all enjoy the same thing. A little "oasis" if I must.

And you know what? The comradery is not until tomorrow. Tomorrow! The feeling is similar to that of a child being handed a cookie but then only has it quickly yanked away. It's simply not cool. I mean, I have heard of these holiday push-backs from friends and peers. I knew of their existance, but now I am experiencing one myself. My first one. I now understand the feeling. I guess just think of me as the "Holiday Push-Back Virgin" who just lost his V-card.

But, anyway, the world won't end. I'm sure I can hold on. New comics come tomorrow.

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