Monday, August 9, 2010

IDW Provides a Unique Parker Prelude.

Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter was a huge hit for the year of 2009. Now, Cooke preps for his return in October with installment number two of the Parker graphic novel series.

Alright, as a fan of the crime genre and beautiful artwork, Cooke’s take on Parker is a must own for me. Simple as that. The Hunter from 2009 delighted me dearly and all around was a great package and a great example of what comic books do.

Upon making my purchases for the month of July I picked up IDW’s prelude for The Outfit (the next installment of Parker OGNs). All I want to do is give my respect to IDW for printing this gorgeous, over-sized presentation of Darwyn Cooke’s artwork. This over-sized, stapled wonder hosts twenty-four pages of a story that can certainly stand alone, but also provides a preview of The Outfit's first chapter - a true show of versatility. It also bridges a gap Cooke and Editor Scott Dunbier came across creatively.

See, Cooke cut The Man With The Getaway Face from his list of candidates for Parker adaptations. There were other stories which excited him more.

“The hard one to cut was the second book, The Man With The Getaway Face. I find this to be one of my least favorite, and when I compare its story to that of The Score, I know which one I feel desperate to illustrate.” *

Yet, as Cooke mentions, it was a hard choice.

“There is a component of Getaway Face that is key to all other Parker books, and something that could not be ignored. If you don’t know what it is...well, the title should be a clue.” *

And here we are.

This prelude is special for the over-sized factor, but what I really like about it is the vibe it carries. This is an official part of Cooke’s Parker adaptation, yet it is a peice that could easily slip through the cracks. For all the people out there who will read or who have purchsed The Hunter in a book store, who never set foot in comic shops, this is something they miss. No, not the story beats. Remember, this is the first chapter of The Outlit. It will be in the actual book. What they miss is this awesome package. Book store buyers will have to stick with their small, compressed Cooke art while we Wednesday crowd bask in the glory of big, big panels. It is a nice present to those who already love and follow the medium. Book store crowds? They miss this extra layer. They miss this cool novelty. It is here only for the people who walk into comic shops.

Thank you, IDW, and respect. You are giving back to the fans, the comic shop crowd. You are also adding a unique flare to the marketing of The Outfit. This prelude excites and should accelerate word-of-mouth. Sitting on the shelf, this over-sized print should attract someone unfamiliar with Parker and welcome them in. I think it is a great marketing device and a nice touch overall.

Plus, it’s only two bucks and a fun heist story dominates as the content. Score.

*Quotes are excerpted from The Parker Prelude: The Man With The Getaway Face


  1. I got this, but i thought these 24 pages will be found again in the HC for the Getaway? is that not the case.

    TJ with the F BombCast

  2. I went and looked on IDW's website, and it appears this is actually the first chapter of The Outfit. Updates have been made in the write-up. I apologize. The intro piece in the prelude from Cooke mislead me.

  3. I was confused too. And honestly, while it is nice that it was only 2 bucks and it is oversized, i am slightly pissed that it is just part of a 20 buck hardcover that i was already going to buy.

  4. The format makes up for it I think.