Monday, June 7, 2010

Episode 75 - Savage Dragon #160

This time on Teenage Wasteland...

A big event has just wrapped in the Savage Dragon title, and I wish to speak about the finale.



  1. Nice! Good, thorough review. Always good to see another Dragon fan out there. Savage Dragon really is one of the few titles that uses continuity to its advantage, rather than being restricted by it. The "real-time" aspect of the book is fun, as well. I've been reading since 1993, so there's a genuine investment in seeing Malcolm grow up and into the title role.

    One little thing I thought I'd point out: "Abner Cadaver" is a play on the old magician's term "abracadabra." It's "cuh-DAV-er" rather than "CAD-uh-VEER." It's a dorky little thing, certainly, but I couldn't help but notice.

  2. Holy shit! I just noticed that you're a God Lives Underwater fan. I like you even more, now. Did you ever hear about David Reilly's untimely passing? Terrible shame, given that he was just about to put out his solo record.

    In any case, take care.

  3. Hey, Greg. I take that you are a new listener, so welcome! Hope you stick around.

    God Lives Underwater - Honestly, I am pretty new to the band (my friend recommended them to me), so I was unknowing of that sad news. I am now sorry to hear it.

    As for Abner Cadaver, thank you haha. I'm always awful with the pronunciations. This one is now noted.

    I think it's awesome that you you've been reading the title since 93'. Most Dragon fans seems to be pretty hardcore about the title - it's clearly seen in the letterpages. Another thing I love about the book: the community around it.

    Glad you enjoyed the review, and thanks for getting in contact. Glad to see another SD fan out there!