Sunday, May 30, 2010

Episode 74 - Avengers vs. DV8

This time on Teenage Wasteland...

I am providing two reviews but there is a larger issue at hand. Avengers #1 versus DV8: Gods and Monsters #1. One pushes while the other gets by.

Time to state an opinion and hopefully push some thought.



  1. Good episode. And I'm all for pushing people to try new things. As long as we don't push too hard.

    You said that you're tired of the same old thing. That you've already seen Captain America throw his shield 1000 times. But if this is someone's first comic book, they probably haven't (and this is where I don my 'every comic book is someone's first' hat, thank you Jim Shooter).

    DV8 was exciting to you because it was new to you. New characters in situations you haven't seen too often before. And Avengers was disappointing (average, good enough to get by) to you because there wasn't anything new to you in it. Getting the band back together is a good thing and necessary following the gloom we've had the past couple years. And if - again - this was someone's first time with the Avengers, they need a place to take that first step.

    These are characters that have been around for decades. And they'll be around long after we're gone. Today's creators have to walk a line that lets them create new stories while staying true to what came before without insulting old and new readers. It's not always easy.

    But I get it, I think. As a first issue you wanted your socks rocked. And a story that reminded you of Back to the Future (not that the Avengers are strangers to time travel stories) with so-so JRJR art didn't do that.

    Would the Avengers work if put in the situation the characters in DV8 are in? Not all stories fit every character. Sometimes the stories are made for the character's strengths. If you want a time travel story with Kang, the Avengers are the team you turn to.

    Obviously, I dug the first issue of The Avengers. And based on your comments, I'll seek out the first issue of DV8: Gods and Monsters #1. I haven't read a DV8 comic since the 90s when Tom Raney did the art. You like it, so I'll give 'em another go.

    And yes, we know the Avengers will come out on top. No one will die (for good) unlike a character in DV8 might. But it's not about the destination. For me, it's always about the journey. But then again, I'm a continuity nut.

    And I realize I'm rambling and some of what I'm going on about might not make mush sense. I blame the fact that I need lunch.

    Keep up the great work, Alec.


  2. Thanks for the thoughts, David. You make good points to calm my angry nerves.