Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick Hit Review: Starslayer #19

Written By: John Ostrander
Pencils: Timothy Truman
Inks: Yoho
Colors: Janice Cohen
Letters: Janice Chiang
Publisher: First Comics

A series originally created by Mike Grell, Starslayer projects the tale of a rag-tag space crew and leader Torin Mac Quillon as they rebel and battle against an oppressive regime that now holds Earth under its control.

I believe I have breifly heard of this series from some source, but in all honesty I walked into reading this book with no knowledge of its story, characters, world or purpose. Yet, with all that against me, I must say this book seriously packed a great story. On its surface - when the premise just nips your ears - it may seem like this book would be some throwaway science fiction blunder. John Ostrander has a wonderful talent though, and it is evident in this issue. For me, I love the tone, the mood this book carries, and even though I just walked in, Ostrander forces me to care about the dangers and fear for the outcomes of the characters. Honestly, there's a point in this issue (Mac Quillion vs. Bragg) where I felt that EPIC sensation; that feeling that I had been reading the series all along and I was getting the payoff.

To throw it over to the art side: Timothy Truman is perfect for this kind of story. From Hawkworld to Starslayer, Truman illustrates that "space opera meets the middle age" like no one else. I really love the way he angles his "camera" to show unique glimpses of the characters in their climactic moment.

To offer one small pick though, I got the feeling that this could have almost been the FINAL issue. The scene I mentioned earlier (Mac Qullion vs. Bragg) really gives off that idea because of the apparant relationship between the two characters. These two characters are connected. Their destinies intertwine. This battle doesn't read like any other either; this is THE battle and after a few deadly blows I really began to think that this was the resolution of Mac Quillion's character and the series. But, turn the went on. To me, it just had that excellent finale feel, but then was kind of tainted by the fact that wasn't. Guess they needed another issue, eh?

With the nit-pick or not though, this was a great issue. Wonderfully written and illustrated on both parts. This is a space odyssey I wish to take more of at some point.


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  1. Starslayer #19 was my first issue, too, and I agree with you as what a phenomenally great story it is. It's funny how two different people can have the exact same experience and then go on to form the same opinion.