Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick Hit Review: OMAC #5 (1975)

Written and Drawn By: Jack Kirby
Inked and Lettered By: D. Bruce Berry
Publisher: DC Comics

Take some wacky, comic book awesomeness and throw in a hardcore mohawk, and you have a peice of Kirby's prime: OMAC - One Man Army Corps.

Personally, even though I have read so little, I really dig Jack Kirby. Many more could probably elaborate on his idea better than myself, but I will simply say his art is the base for the contemporary medium. Aside from his obvious style, the thing I love about the artwork in this book is the amount of idea, detail and creativity in the backgrounds and in the world. Page 5 for example: a roof-top sanction of multiple guards hidden between the crevices of architecture, holding and aiming a vast assortment of "out-of-this-world" weaponry. Can you say, "awesome"? That is only the start; every panel of this issue packs some sort of visual capture-point that sells to the reader that, "this could only be done in comics". I also love the sense of action and movement surrounding the character of OMAC. Whenever he makes some sort of motion or leap or bound, Kirby illustrates it a way that the reader really feels the energy involved (I LOVE panel 6, on page 11).

Storywise as well: excellent. Kirby may have been an artist first, but the man could certainly construct a captivating story -  this issue spotlighted tells the story of OMAC working a crime organization that captures and sells people for body-transplants. It is a wacky idea, but certainly a fun idea that nontheless entertains a reader. But, do not take it as simple fun either; I think Kirby built in a few moral ideas. Peace Agents? An army, a special squad that does not kill nor harm? Yeah, Kirby is certainly saying something.

Simply, this is some fantastic work. I mean, did you expect anything less from The King?

Rating: 5/5

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  1. I suspect Jack Kirby could consider himself a WRITER first. The art existed to support the stories he was telling.