Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quick Hit Review: Metal Men #48 (1976)

Written By: Martin Pasko
Art By: Walt Simonson
Coloring: Carl Gafford
Letters: Gaspar

Take a classic villain, put him up against a quirky super-team, and you will easily get a fun-filled comic book. That's Metal Men #48 - Eclipso working his diabolical scheme while the Metal Men try to intervene.

It's a story from the Bronze Age of comics, so don't expect a complex story of any means, but the book still packs a fun adventure. I love the Metal Men characters for their quirky interaction, and Martin Pasko seems to nail it in his writing of the issue. Also, do no forget Mr. Simonson; it is an earlier version of his work, but still remains an eye-catcher with a distinct style. 

If this were a modern day book, I may be a bit tougher for the fact that this issue has a lot of plot with very little slow-down time, but again, we are talking about 1976 - in that context the book does what it should. I cannot fault it there. If anything, I may point out where I think a few scene transitions were a bit rough: (a single page shows how the Metal Men land their hover craft, enter a cave, an earthquake occurs and Lead manages to rescue a secret tablot). That's a lot for one page, and the flow is not too smooth. 

Overall though, this was a fun, enjoyable read for a comic book. Find some Metal Men in the back issue bins.


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