Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quick Hit Review: Green Lantern:Emerald Dawn #1

Written By: Jim Owsley (Christopher Priest)
Pencils: M.D. Bright
Inks: Romeo Tanghal
Colors: Anthony Tollin
Letters: Albert De Guzman
Publisher: DC Comics

Where did Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) stand in a Post-Crisis world? Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn sets out to tell that tale and fill in those continuity gaps while also updating the character for a contemporary (1989) era.

I understand the role this mini series was meant to play, and I see the purpose of re-telling the origin within it, but honestly I don't think this issue itself worked in the best way to tell the story. Owsley brings you in with an excellent opening scene that feels so very cinematic and captivates: a wonderfully narrated sequence of Hal's father suffering his accident - easily Hal's defining moment as a character. But, it seemed from there to just become the standard - maybe even below. The story begins to revolve more around the supporting cast (Carol, Jack, Andy) than Hal's own presence, and while his character should see some strong development, well...those moments are lacking. Hal does become the center piece once again as the influence of green begins to creep its way in, but at that point it just felt unexciting and really something I had already seen many times before.

Bright's artwork was a nice clean style that worked well, but overall this to me was not a promising start to what should be (in its context) an important Green Lantern story. I'll read the rest at some point...


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