Monday, January 25, 2010

Day in Review

-Awoke to find school delayed. Heavy rains here caused some flooding. Personally, I am fine. Not sure about the rest of the town and its inhabitants; I haven't heard anything drastic. But, hey, two less hours of high school is a good thing in my book. Snow tonight? We will see....

-Financial Aid lectures for the upcoming college experience caused some stress. Not total melt down stress, but some stress nonetheless. FAFSA? My income taxes? I am seventeen....what do I know? Here comes the rest of my life....

-Phone call eighth period from my good buddy Joe Aulisio. I answered the phone right in the middle of class - teacher doesn't care. How awesome is that? Turns out we need to record The Matinee Idles podcast...after school....on a Monday. Not my best setting.

-Show went well.

-Very little homework. I caught up on some reading. Crashed on the couch with a Wired Magazine and was captivated by the story behind the Duke Nukem video came (ah, childhood) and its long awaited sequel. Turns out Duke Nukem is the Miracleman of video games in a lot of ways. Creator lost in the shuffle of trying to produce the ultimate game. Ten years flew by. Now, creator lost the rights, rights in the air, may never see Duke Nukem again. Read for yourself here:

That was Monday, January 25th, 2010.

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