Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avatar - I Saw It

Yep. The new James Cameron visual spectacular - I saw it. And you know what?


With this movie, Cameron takes the expected "hero's journey" tale and injects it with high design work and amazing visuals to mold a theater experience. Yes, experience, I dare say....because it was.

You go to this film, put your ass in that seat, projection rolls and you are off to Pandora (the film's fictitious world) right along with the actors. It exists - seriously. For those 160 minutes, it exists in your mind. You don't question it. All of the creatures, the Na'vi tribe, the technology.... it all preoccupies physical space to you as a user. That feeling, that sensation all boils down to Cameron's team of designers, concept artists, effects specialists and 3D modelers who pay attention to the details - the very niche details.

I just cannot stress enough how wide the world of Pandora appears to be. It is truly incredible for a film.

If I could say anything bad (not even bad, really) about it, I would say that the story is a little bit worn. It's the typical good guys vs. bad guys/nature vs. industrialism flick and you have the some-what arrogant guy transform into the true heroic leader. It has the normal beats that you would expect. But, in the end, this movie is about going to the world and having a fucking adventure. You cheer for the good guys and spit at the bad guys. You sit at the edge of your seat during the epic battle at the end. It is a movie theater's movie - that's what it should be.

So, SEE IT! IN THEATERS! There is no other way to watch it.

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