Monday, September 7, 2009

Quick Hit Review

Fantastic Four #570

Written By: Jonathan Hickman

Art By: Dale Eaglesham

Colors: Paul Mounts

What can I say, this was an exceptionally good start to an exciting run. Hickman took Marvel’s First Family and brought them back to their basics: exploring the angles of family relationships, what makes the characters who they are and the questions of the larger landscape under a cosmic curtain. Yet, with that said, Hickman’s take on the team is not the same old campfire tale fans are used to. Within this issue Hickman is planting the seeds for what could be a very memorable take and exploration of the Fantastic Four, or namely the team’s leader.

The character of Reed Richards seems to be setup as Hickman’s main focus, to the point that I think this run may be more of a Mr. Fantastic story than a Fantastic Four story. He takes a sure-minded character and turns him upside-down leaving him in question: Reed Richards the genius is now beginning to wonder if he is truly always right in his judgment. This take on the character is a very interesting one because it is not what is expected nor is usually seen from him, and Hickman now seems to be introducing a surprising angle to make Mr. Fantastic more than two-dimensional. Also, the reader sneaks a peek at the pressure Richards deals with being the world’s smartest man. The world is not perfect, even with super-powered beings, and Richards wishes to change that with his countless projects, sleepless nights and even ideas he must keep hidden from the rest of his family. Richards sees himself as the world’s last chance as he stands on the brink of fixing everything with his scientific power.

I was excited about this run when it was first announced, and that excitement has carried through with the actual reading. Jonathan Hickman has kicked off a promising run for the Fantastic Four, one that could possibly show us the characters in a way we never imagined.

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