Monday, August 3, 2009

TW Presents: Matinee Idles - Prequel

You heard about it on TW #34, and here it is. Matinee Idles the new podcast featuring myself (Alec Berry), Matt Burden, Joe Aulisio, & Vern Griffiths. We will discuss and debate classic film selections while also shooting the breeze on some recent watches. Matinee Idles will work one part as a "movie club" podcast which will make group selections allowing the listeners to play along, and one part four friends talking about current movies and shooting the shit.

Matinee Idles - Prequel

A prequel! A prequel! In this short installment the guys get together, break the show idea, give history on themselves, BS in a general sense, and announce their first Movie Club selection. Download this now, people! You want to witness the beginning!

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