Friday, August 28, 2009

Episode 39 - My Life As a Podcaster

It's time to reflect. This episode is a calm one (sorry, Chemical Box listeners) as I discuss what I am doing with the medium, how it has affected me and where I plan to go. Also, I take a look at an Original Graphic Novel and a movie.

Music featured is by Dead Kennedys.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Chemical Box - Injection #2

We're back! This time Joe and me have one of our normal conversations about life, shitty jobs, reality TV, movies and comic books. This is the direction, folks: The Chemical Box is all about broadcasting conversations.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Episode 38 - Archibald the Grey Alien

Some shout outs, recent reads, movies, and film franchise news that involves a character near and dear to my heart. Also, smoking aliens. Yeah, I said it.

Music Featured is by Lupe Fiasco.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Episode 37 - Camilla Belle, Call Me.

I mean that too. You should call me.... Oh, hello, faithful TW'ites! In this week's installment I discuss and geekout at length at the awesomeness that is the recent adventures of the Amazing Spider-man. I also cover a few other recent reading experiences worth noting, a movie, an e-mail, and a random tangent. Something for everyone in this episode. Dig it.

Music Featured is By Norma Jean.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to the Bins - Episode 18

Time for a curtain call. This is an episode with plenty of random comic book fun and a special announcement.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Episode 36 - Satisfaction!

I Can't Get No!

Talk of street festivals, a movie, some comics and geeky comic book habits. This episode is pretty mellow, yet well worth the love.

Music Featured is by Beulah.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Chemical Box - Episode 1

In this installment the guys chat about Comic Con 2009 news items that they themselves found exciting, yet were met with little talk. Voices in this episode provided by Joe Aulisio, Alec Berry, & Matthew Hammack.


Monday, August 3, 2009

TW Presents: Matinee Idles - Prequel

You heard about it on TW #34, and here it is. Matinee Idles the new podcast featuring myself (Alec Berry), Matt Burden, Joe Aulisio, & Vern Griffiths. We will discuss and debate classic film selections while also shooting the breeze on some recent watches. Matinee Idles will work one part as a "movie club" podcast which will make group selections allowing the listeners to play along, and one part four friends talking about current movies and shooting the shit.

Matinee Idles - Prequel

A prequel! A prequel! In this short installment the guys get together, break the show idea, give history on themselves, BS in a general sense, and announce their first Movie Club selection. Download this now, people! You want to witness the beginning!

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ford's Focus - July 20th 2009 to July 28th 2009

Written by: Ford Thomas


*Batman: City Of Crime TP (library)

*Miss: Better Living Through Crime TP (library)

*Epicurus The Sage TP (library)

*Blackest night: Tales Of The Corps #2(of 3)

*Final Crisis: Legion Of Three Worlds #5(of 5)

*Gotham City Sirens #2

*Green Lantern #44

*Supergirl #43

*Wednesday Comics #3(of 12)

*Jack Of Fables #36

*Amazing Spider-Man #600

*Doctor Who #1

*You Have Killed Me HC

*Asterios Polyp HC

*The Adventures Of Sock Monkey TP (borrowed)


*everything ‘bought’

*(half of) Asterios Polyp HC

When I woke up this morning I realised that I’m starting to get that 52 feeling with Wednesday Comics. What’s more exciting is that tomorrow is new comic day. New comic day for me used to be anywhere from Thursday afternoon to sometime Saturday and then came along 52. It was a DC experiment that worked, or at least it did for me. It succeeded in getting me down to the shop every week as close to the time the new comics hit the shelves as possible. I even remember a couple of weeks where I would pick up 52 with my last couple of bucks for the week. I was hooked, some weeks were better than others but the prospect of a new instalment the next week written by four of my favourite writers with a rotating cast of good artists who transformed into great artist over the course of the series, this kept me coming back every week.

I’m finding that my Wednesday Comics reading experience is starting to settle into a routine. I flip through it immediately before heading home to read it. With the flip through I’ve found that I stop and read one of two of the strips before getting to the rest of them. The Sgt, Rock strips has been the one that consistently makes me stop and pay attention and read straight away. Not sure what it is about it apart from the obvious, which is Joe Kubert’s art, something that I haven’t always been a fan off. I was a big fan of the Kubert sons (Andy and Adam. Adam writes the Sgt. Rock strip) when I was younger mostly due to my exposure to them on such titles as X-Men and Wolverine.

Neil Gaimen and Mike Allred’s Metamorpho strip has absolutely blown me away the past two weeks with it’s huge one panel pages. It’s been a nice reminder why I stick with Mike Allred through thick and thin. Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner’s Supergirl strip which at first seemed like the odd man out is proving to be a great balance to some of the ‘weightier’ pages. This is great because it shows the great diversity of genres comics can tackle, and within it’s fifteen tales Wednesday Comics delivers action, mystery, adventure, comedy, etc and mostly through using superheros as window to all this.

Episode 35 - Breakdowns on Casanova Pt. 7

The finale of my special look at Casanova!

Music featured is by The Beatles

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Episode 35 - Breakdowns on Casanova Pt. 6

The penultimate chapter of my continuing look at Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba's Casanova!

Music Featured is by The Beatles.

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