Monday, June 1, 2009

Ford's Focus -May 25th 2009 to May 31st 2009

Written by: Ford Thomas

*Camelot 3000 HC (library)
*Fell Vol.1: Feral City TP (library)
*Wisdom: Rudiments Of Wisdom TP (library)
*Daredevil: Redemption TP (library)
*El Cazador TP (library)
*Elephantmen: War Toys Vol. 1: No Surrender TP (library)
*Moon Knight: God And Country HC (library)
*Heavy Liquid HC (library)
*Super-Villain Team-Up: Modok’s 11 TP (library)
*Top 10: The Farthest Precinct TP (library)
*Metamorpho: Year One TP (library)
*You Deserved It TP (library)
*The Life And Times Of Savior 28 #1
*Rawbone #1
*Batman In Barcelona: Dragon’s Knight
*Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive?
*Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink #1(of 6)
*Green Lantern #41
*The Incredible Hercules #129
*Justice League Of America #33
*Justice Society Of America #27
*The Literals #2(of 3)
*Superman #688
*Unknown Soldier #8
*Usagi Yojimbo #120
*Puttin’ The Backbone Back TP
*40 oz Collected TP
*Ace-face: The Mod With The Metal Arms GN
*The Tale Of One Bad Rat HC
*Freddie And Me HC
*Showcase: Doom Patrol Vol.1 TP
*Blue Spring TP
*Gyo Vol.1 and 2 TP

*Thor Visionaries: Walter Simonson TP (library)
*Across The Universe: The DC Universe Stories Of Alan Moore TP (library)
*Everything ‘bought’ except for Ace-face, Doom Patrol and Blue Spring

Comics take up a lot of my time, if you ask some people they might say too much of my time. I read comics almost everyday. When I wake up I’m sure more often than I’d like to admit my thoughts lead to comics.

The internet plays a big part in my comic day, especially my mornings. One of the first things I do in the morning is go on the internet and go on comic news sites and forums, etc

In the last week I was listening to a creator interview (Dan Slott on Word Balloon), I realised while listening that especially with audio interviews I get sucked in and quite often they lead to me buying something that is spoken about. I know this is because the enthusiasm with which the creators talk about their work gets me every time. This led me to thinking out a test I could put myself through but probably won’t. It would last for a little over a month and for each week that passes I would stop par taking in what I guess could be called extra curricular comic book activities.

1.Forums – probably the easiest thing for me to stop doing because I only go on one forum (the 11 O’clock Comics/Marvel Noise forum) and have only been doing so for little under a year. I enjoy the forum and spend anywhere from five minutes to and hour there everyday. Really great friendly forum but I’m not a very big poster.

2.Comic News Sites – while highly entertaining for me most that I read or find out normally doesn’t matter the next day or within the next few months.

3. Previews – going without Previews would be a good thing financially but I would miss out on lots of exciting comics from the ‘indie’ publishers.

4. Podcasts – would result in me listening to more music or a lot more silence. Big podcasting times for me are cooking and housework times and walking back and forth to work (anywhere from10 to 14+ half hour walks a week).

5. Pull List – The one thing I couldn’t go without, few reasons for this, one being that it makes trips to the shop a lot easier and comes with a discount. But the big one would be that I’ve had my pull list for twelve maybe even thirteen years at the same shop.

At the end of the day going without all or most of these things would give me a lot more time to do other things or simply read more comics. The down side would be that I would probably drive people more crazy with inane comic facts without a forum or podcasts talking about similar things that I think about. But without news sites I’d have a few less inane comic facts to share.

Thinking about this and thinking about this to the point where I’ve written about it has made me more aware of how much time spent on the above activities as well as that streamlining them would give me more time and less variables to my comic experience.

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