Thursday, May 21, 2009

Star Trek: A Theatrical Experience

Written By: Devyn Rodriguez

I have no real familiarity with Star Trek. I can pick up a Star Trek reference when it is show in some other type of media. I didn’t think much of Star Trek. Great ideas, but often I thought the execution of said ideas were often very boring or uninteresting. That being said, this movie was all sorts of awesome.
I saw the movie in Imax, and it kicked all sorts of ass. The Imax experience was truly that, an experience. The movie is visually amazing, from the opening shot to the final images. The inside of the Enterprise looks crisp and has brilliant lighting, and the movie overall was a visual treat. The special effects really have to be experienced first hand, because this is one of the best visually looking films in a very long time.
The plot was very fast paced. The plot moves along at a very fast pace but at no time does the film not spend enough time at certain character moments. The characters are fleshed out and the crew interaction is exceptional. The movie is never dragged on by exposition in the traditional “talking head” sense, but instead we see the result the plot has on the characters and learn a lot more through their actions than their speech. The story has a truly brilliant plot that allows the franchise to go in new directions and keep Trekkie continuity intact. I believe the story was really great. The movie made the wise decision of making a lot of the beginning scenes in Iowa. It allowed for there to be a great space story but give the world a certain relatable feeling. This is not some galaxy far, far away. This is the future. And lets face it, when Kirk and Spock are beamed into the main deck of the Romulan ship; you get one of the best gun fights in sci-fi cinema. The story was funny when it needed to be, yet always took itself seriously and was even sad at points.
The acting was superb. Chris Pine played a great Captain Kirk. Lets face it, the best protagonist are often the ones that are the “wild cannon”. Pine played the role brilliantly, as he was always charismatic and active, but was never to eccentric to the point of becoming a nuisance to the audience. The scene where he warns Captain Pike of a potential Romulan attack is a great example of everything Kirk should be as a leading protagonist. His interactions with Spock are great, and Zachary Quinto plays a great Spock that can arguably be looked at as the second main protagonist. They had a great back and forth relationship that slowly changed throughout the course of the movie. The whole crew of the Enterprise was both great on an individual level and interacting with each other.
J.J. Abrams and the whole Bad Robot crew did a great job in making the film accessible but also giving old fans of the series easter eggs to geek out over. A lot of Trekkies that I sat around in the audience loved it, but the uninitiated also enjoyed the movie (there was a red shirt, and he did bite the dust much to the audiences delight). This was everything the Star Wars Prequels could have been. This was a big budget action movie with a heart, and I am officially a fan of the series. I hope that this will start a new film series that will both live long and prosper.

I give it a ten “Teenage Wasted Lands” out of ten.

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