Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Calling all Writing Enthusiasts!

I want to open up the Teenage Wasteland site to writers or bloggers alike and pump some energy into it. Teenage Wasteland began as a series of articles over on the 11 O'Clock Comics site thanks to a man named David Price. Hey gave me an avenue to voice my opinions, and eventually led me to the spot I'm in now.

My point is: I want to provide everyone else the same opportunity. So, if anyone enjoys writing or believes that they hold a strong, valuable opinion you are entirely welcome to write an essay, send it to me, and I will place it on the website. No need to be fluent in grammar or thinking of yourself as a good writer, all I want are good opinions and strong points. But, also with that said, please at least try to format your writing into a formal essay rather than just a regular forum post. Try to look professional at least.

I think it would be great to have a few writers or listeners contributing to the site, and having the opportunity to voice what they feel important. Comics or not. It can be whatever you want (except something dirty ;) ).

So, interested? If so, go write! Then, send it to my e-mail: teenagewastelandpodcast@gmail.com If you want a picture attached to it, send that file also. Want to start up an article series? I would love to see this, and I seriously encourage it!

I hope that the idea sticks to someone and takes the opportunity. Let your voice out and be proud of it. Can't wait to see what someone comes up with. Thanks!

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