Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teenage Wasteland: Article 22 - More Than Mythical Beasts

Crackling with excitement, drama, and strong characters, Proof offers a truly unique experience for any comic book reader. Yet, with its abundance in offerings, the relationships and play between characters are what set the book apart from your standard comic. Even though the book is titled off of a specific character, the book, in true essence, is a “team” book much like Justice League or Avengers.

Blanketed by a tapestry of phenomena and quirky action, the cast seems to rely on social interaction to provide the almost “normal” atmosphere people seek. Issue number nine of the series is packed with these situations: anything from the trio of John, Ginger Brown, and Elvis Chestnut eating bagels to John instilling a sense of culture and self-appearance into the mind’s eye of Elvis. They are activities of the everyday in a book where a Bigfoot, a Dover Demon, and fairies exist.

For the sake of our “main” character, John Prufrock, being the Bigfoot that he is, seems to be the character with the most human of characteristics. The boy has family issues, tough luck in love, and a strong feeling of social awkwardness. These are things everyone goes through in their lifetime. But, going to the point, as a reader those traits are highly visible due to John’s interaction with Savage Dragon. For a few moments John doesn’t feel so alone; he sees the Dragon similar to himself and takes advantage of the quick banter going back and forth. Through the Dragon’s advice and experience, John sees a light at the end of the deep, dark social tunnel. He realizes that he does not have to be alone.

No matter the amount of cryptids seen or villains fought, Image Comics’ Proof is a portrayal of a cast on a journey. Throughout this series we will witness a powerful character drama. I have faith.

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