Friday, February 6, 2009

A Truly Fantastic Team for Fantastic Four!

Jonathan Hickman & Dale Eaglesham!

Although it's not tied to Dark Reign, Quesada announced that the new creative team on Fantastic Four once Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch finish up are writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Dale Eaglesham. Hickman and Eaglesham team will take over Fantastic Four in September.

The Fantastic Four have always held a special bit in my soul, but I never could truly follow their book. For the time I have been in comics, I have never read a great 616 (Main Marvel Universe) Fantastic Four story. But now, I feel a certain excitement. For those on the outside: Jonathan Hickman is a very skilled writer who has authored such comics as A Red Mass for Mars, Pax Romana, and Transhuman for Image Comics, and now Secret Warriors at Marvel. Hickman's experimental ideas on science ficiton and his play on society seem very well-suited attributes of an FF scribe. Dale Eaglesham has been the solid artist on DC's smash hit Justice Society of America, proving that he is a master beind the pencil when it comes to team books.

Toegther, I see these fine gentlemen making Fantastic Four "The World's Greatest Comic Magazine" once again. No reason for me not to buy the book now. Neither is there for you!

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