Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yep. To spur some excitement and to bring the community together, I am having a contest for the show.

What's the Deal?
Ok. You know how I always am preaching about 'Itunes Reviews'? Well, that's your ticket in. If you leave an Itunes Review between now (Feb. 24th, 2009) and April 1st, 2009, your name will be placed into a hat for a drawing. That's all it takes. Leave only a sentence if you want - it all counts.

For those who have already done so, don't fret, you are in!

But, as an act of courtesy, when leaving an Itunes Review please leave a real name. If you want to accompany it with a forum name, that's cool. But please leave a real name.

Why? What do I Win?

I could give away anything. But, I want to give away something that I personally believe as awesome and that deserves many more eyes. SUPER-HUMAN RESOURCES #1. Seriously. This book is great, and I want people to try it.

I will draw three names from the hat. Those three names win a FREE copy of SHR #1 all out of my pocket. Now, you have no excuse not to check out this book. Come on! You get the book for FREE and then shipped to you for FREE. Good deal in my opinion.

Ok. I Win. How do I Collect?
That's simple. I will draw/announce the winners on the first show after April 1st. If I select your name from the hat, all you need to do is e-mail your name and address to me at teenagewastelandpodcast@gmail.com. From there, I will ship the book out to you.


I think this is exciting. I hope you are also excited. I think it can help bring our community together a bit more, give a spotlight to what I see as a very fun book, and....if it can swing me a few more Itunes Reviews....that's cool. wink.gif

So. Get going! I would love to see about 20/25 Itunes Reviews by April 1st. You have a month. It's simple to enter. Please take the time and do it, and you may just end up with a really cool book for FREE! Plus, if this contest goes well, and I receive plenty of entries, this may only be the start to a line of them every few months. So, keep that in mind.

Ok, enough yapping from me. Here's the link (http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...st?id=300812578) Go cast your Reviews!!!

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