Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Answer!

I was informed by mister Jason Wood of the 11 O'Clock Comics Podcast of the current situation of Red Mass for Mars. Quote taken from the Bullpen Bulletins Podcast Forum:

"Hey Alec,

I spoke to Hickman at NYCC and, unfortunately, Red Mass is going straight to trade. He agreed that it's not the optimal solution but they had cried wolf too many times with retailers and this was the only way the series would see finish. So for those of us who bought the first issues, we're going to have to rebuy them in the trade or miss out. Sad"

In essence, I understand the troubles and conflict independent books face, but I am still pretty disappointed. For those interested, I will not purchase the trade, I already own half of it, not paying for # 1 & 2 again.

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