Friday, January 16, 2009

Teenage Wasteland: Article 20 - Restless Mind

Is it odd that I cannot allow my mind to relax? Comic! Girls! Music! Podcasts! Those are my major thoughts. Yet, to break it down to one subject – and a large one at that – let’s talk forming a “pull list.” How crazy is it to purchase a product two months before its release and not knowing a damn thing about it? That’s pretty fucked up! Yet, as comic fans – especially those of us using an online pre-order service – we do it all the time. Now, for me, I hate the feeling of loosing money – I’m a cheap bastard to begin with (trying to escape that). Seriously, I am. I desperately strive to avoid all risks of loosing money (maybe it’s because I’m unemployed?); I am one of those guys who sticks with the usual to feel secure on a purchase rather than take the chance on something new. Whether it be food, movies, or comics. That’s just my nature. So, forming a pull list? Yeah, it is a challenge. But first, you have to face the fact that you will buy some serious crap: there is no avoiding it. Get it through your head! Now!!! --- Ok? Is it in there? Good. Now, knowing that fact, as a consumer you do become a bit paranoid about how you spend your money. Suddenly, it seems your spare cash has been put on a leash: whimpering to be placed in a good home.

So many aspects factor in when trying to predict a good comic book product. Creators! Characters! Genre! Story! Art! Ah, it’s enough to make your head hurt, isn’t it? And worst of all, for me personally, I can never make up mind on what I want. Why? Cause my tastes are constantly in flux? So many people having influence on my purchase? Being cheap? Yeah, I would say all three of those reasons add in. I am very bad about a changing pull list: one day I could be excited about Daredevil, and it’s definitely staying on my pull but within three days my interest wanes and the next best thing is Proof. I am perpetually mixing up my buy pile: switching books in and out trying to make the ultimate pull. It isn’t like I don’t enjoy the books I get – I do quite a bit. I think it lies more on the subject of just trying to cut back and keep my absolute favorite titles. But, narrowing down to those absolute favorites is tough (I am sure it is for everyone). It is hard to tell yourself, “Ok, you’re going to buy these six books for the next year and that is it.” I like to try new things, but going back to purchasing security, I know those six books I get are great, and I have no worry of feeling a lose of my money. There are so many good comics out there, and I believe they all deserve a chance on my reading pile, but realistically there is no way to afford it all. That sucks, doesn’t it? Having that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you may be missing out on something great? Missing a story that may seriously latch onto me? It drives me NUTS!!!

*Deep breath* --- In the end, I think the best way to solve my problem is to push my pull list out of my head. Just place my order every month of the books I follow and forget about it. Give the books an actual chance to show up at my doorstep, you know? By thinking about it so much and trying to cut….it just makes buying comics stressful. That’s stupid, isn’t it? Comics are entertainment. They are all about relieving stress, not creating it. I’m done with editing the DCBS order once a week. I’m done trying to pick “the best”. I just need to read comics and enjoy comics. That’s my only “duty” as a fan. Nothing else.

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